Hard Work Starts to Yield Results

Art and Fashion students have been working hard on their drawing for several weeks now. Students have seen vast improvements in their drawing skills, in areas such as accuracy in the recording of the object, level of detail in surface and texture, composition and use of media.

Rebecca's first drawing at the start of the year

Rebecca's later drawings of Lego blocks

The improvements are striking and prove the old adage that “Practice makes perfect”, you can see from the photos the type of gains that can be made from daily drawing.

Janice's early drawings of a rose

Janice's drawing improves in detail and colour


Janice's compositional studies of a moth


Fashion Students Measure Up!

Fashion students have pattern draughting and garment construction one day a week. These subjects are quite technical and  it can take a while to get the hang of making patterns and garments. But today everything just seemed to click and the group had a “eureka moment!”

Here they are putting their new knowledge to work making paper patterns in their in the studio.

Fashion Students making paper patterns

Fashion Students working in their studio


Life Drawing

Holly draws from the model

Life drawing or figure drawing is an important skill to learn and a great addition to the portfolio for application to third level. Art and Fashion students have been spending time drawing from a model this week. They are learning how to measure the proportions and angles of the figure using a variety of media.

Working from the model can be challenging at first. Students stand to draw at an easel and the activity takes the students full concentration as they draw to record the poses and the model changes position every few minutes.

Museum of Decorative Arts and History

A selection of drawings from Collins Barracks

Drawing at Collins Barracks Museum of Decorative Arts and History offers a different challange to the art and fashion students to that of the Botanic Gardens. Surface detail on garments and decorative objects need close examination and lots of patience.

The range of objects in the museum is vast and caters to all tastes but the section dedicated to the history of the Irish Army was most popular with lots of students opting for tanks, guns and uniforms.

Teachers and students gather at intervals during the day to discuss the progress made. Students lay out their work on the ground and take time to look at each others work.

Students and Teachers gather for a "Crit" at the end of the day



On Location at the Natural History Museum

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Students have been developing their themes on location at the Natural History Museum in Merrion Square.  By visiting different locations the students expand their  understanding of their visual theme by drawing in their notebooks.

In general the students liked the locations but some were a bit shocked to find out the animals were actually real and not just models! Despite this there was good work done in the museum with drawings of everything from an owl to an octopus.

Louise focuses on a skeleton


Students get ready for their close up!

Deirbhile Coyle is filmed as she draws a Beach Tree

This afternoon the students took part in a television documentary on the Botanic Gardens for TG4 with Midas Productions. The production team filmed students drawing in the gardens and interviewed fashion and textiles student Deirbhile Coyle about the inspiration the garden location provides for drawing.

Watching the filming gave us a great insight into the making of a doumentary programme. Students were surprised by how much film is needed to make a television piece and by how each scene is filmed several times from various angles. Both crew and students were glad that the weather held for the filming. More information on the programme can be found on Facebook at:



Janice Harrington drawing for the film crew