Headdress photos

Fashion students took photos of their finished combined materials headdresses today, here is a selection of the results



Art students are currently working through their Sculpture module. The introduction to the module focuses of paper forms and on the transition from 2D to 3D. The students have been experimenting with paper shapes and exploring their potential to make forms with some exciting results. They draw from the forms they have made and record process in a series of research sheets.

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Combined Materials

Fashion students are currently working on their Combined Materials module. They have learned a wide variety of techniques in the use of combined materials and have completed a rigorous design process which culminates in the production of a Headdress.

Students must document the design and making of the headdress through a series of worksheets. They also research artists and designers who use mixed materials in their work.

Students use previous  drawing and research as a starting point for their design work and inspiration for the headdresses comes from a wide range of sources from birds and tree roots to horror films and african culture. It’s wonderful to see students personalities and interests coming through in their work. Each piece is highly individual and students make ues of all sorts of materials.

Once the pieces are complete the students will organise a photo shoot, the results of which they will use in their portfolios.

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Portfolio Selection

It’s a busy time of year for the art and fashion student as the college applications progress. Each time the student submits their portfolio to a different college or course they need to restructure it to suit the course requirements, editing and up-dating the content to place emphasis on different skills for the college assessment.

To do this the student lays out the portfolio and works with their tutors to select the order of pieces in the portfolio and how it will be presented. By laying out the work it is easier to see if essential elements like colour or line are missing and to see if the portfolio tells a visual story and flows well. It’s a fine balance and is an ongoing process during the application season which lasts from early February through to the end of May.

Below Margaret lays out her folder and discusses the options with other students in the class.

Portfolio Layout

Portfolio Layout

Portfolio Layout

Portfolio Layout



Visiting with Coláiste Ide

This week Caoimhe, a fourth year at Skerries Community College visited the Art department to see what is was like to be an art teacher and to get an insight into being a full time art student. She tells us a little of what she thought:

“In Coláiste Ide I spent time with all of the students in the Art and Fashion and Textiles courses and I was able to observe the teaching. I was encouraged to go around and look at all of the students work that they had done over the course of the year and ask them questions to find out all I needed to know about the courses on offer and the entry requirements.

Learning how to use a sewing machine
Learning how to use a sewing machine

It was made clear to me that this level of study is different to school. In both classes there was a very relaxed atmosphere occupied only by the most passionate and advanced artists, ready to work.

All the students are very imaginative and creative in their own way and are not afraid to be different in their own ideas. Unlike school, that has many subjects this course provides a more specialised focus for students whose passion is art and design.

This week I also got to experiment with a sewing machine which I had never used before. I really enjoyed this and created cards using it.”

If you are interested in taking a portfolio course see Coláiste Ide’s website for application details. There will be interviews in early March for remaining places on the Art and design and the Fashion and Textiles Portfolio Preparation Courses




Images of Students Work

Here are a small sleection of images by several students who completed the NCAD Brief

Portfolio Submissions Loom Large


Art and Fashion had a hectic week last week with not only the CAO deadline but the first portfolio submission of the year. NCAD applications were due in on Friday the 3rd. The college requires the completion of a special drawing brief which poses creative and technical challenges to the students.

Students, who have been working on the brief for several weeks were tweeking and making final additions right up to the last minute and despite the pressure of the deadline there was an atmosphere of excitment around the college.