Emma Collopy wins Griffith College 1st year award

Emma Collopy With her winning design

Emma Collopy With her winning design

Congratulations to Emma Collopy, who wone the 1st year internship award with designer Jennifer Rothwell at the Griffith College end of year Fashion Show last week.

Emma studied on the Fashion and textiles course in Coláiste Ide last year before progressing to Griffith College’s Fashion degree course. We would like to wish her the very best for her internship and her future career.

Follow the links below for more information on Griffith College and on Emma’s winning design which featured on TV3’s Xpose




Final FETAC Assessments

The Art Department is buzzing as the end of year FETAC assessments upon us . For many students FETAC assessments are essential for progression to 3rd Level as the results convert to points that can be used for college entry.

The Art and Fashion courses are continually assessed throughout the year but all the work must be honed, perfected and presented for the final deadline. Students use check lists to make sure all the componants are in place for the assessments and with between 8 and 10 modules on each course there is lots to do!

The years hard work is coming to an end but there is still plenty to do as students prepare for the end of year Art exhibition and Fashion show. Photography workshops and finishing touches will keep everyone busy right up to the end of the year.


The fashion students have been working on their final pieces for their embroidery module with some spectacular results!

Work Experience

Students have recently returned to classes after their two weeks of work experience. They must choose a placement that relates to their area of study and keep a diary of their experience of working in that field.

Students completed placements such as art teaching, graphic design, merchandising, styling, fashion design and arts officer.

Talks to 5th and 6th year Art students

Article by Janine Roche,Tobi Dele, Janice Harrington and Deirbhile Nic Giolla Chomhail  who gave talks on our Portfolio Preparation Courses to local schools to  as part of their work experience module.

Planning the presentation

Planning the presentation

As part of our Work Experience we got placements in various lines of work, some worked in Retail, others with the Craft Council of Ireland at exhibitions and at the Knitting and Stitching Fair and a few of us got the chance to go on some school visits with our tutor.

In preparation for the school visits we sat as a group and decided on what information the students would need to get a full impression of the portfolio courses and college. We divided the information amongst the four of us and wrote up a brief paragraph on our topic for the visits.

Deirbhile with Students in Loretto Swords

Deirbhile with Students in Loretto Swords

Our portfolios were prepared so that the students got a good idea of the amount of work that goes into an individuals portfolio. When we arrived at the schools we displayed our work in the art rooms and gave the 5th/ 6th year students a brief talk about the portfolios courses, the modules and what its like to be a full time art student. After the talk students could come up to view our portfolios and ask us questions.

One of the girls got to go to a 2nd year art class to talk to them about preparation work for their Junior Cert. Giving them tips on how to lay out their work, use different surfaces to draw on, take the time to observe their objects and not be afraid to experiment.

As the days went on it became easier to talk publicly and to be able to talk to the students on a one to one basis about our work. It was important to be on time, having to be at the school for specific appointments made time management a priority, it also gives a much better impression.

Janine talks to students in Ashbourne Community School

Janine talks to students in Ashbourne Community School

In the three schools that we got to visit the students seemed really interested in our work and the courses. Having the chance to see a portfolio the students realised just how much work and effort goes into developing a portfolio that can compete with other art students around the country.

Many thanks to the Art teachers and students who made us so welcome in  Loretto Swords, Dominican College Griffith Avenue and Ashbourne Community School

Sculpture workshop with Lorraine Brannigan

Sculptor Lorraine Brannigan advises students

Sculptor Lorraine Brannigan advises students

Sculptor Lorraine Brannigan, a past graduate of Coláiste Ide who completed her degree in LIT has been visiting the art students to explore the use of found and recycled materials in 3D.

Students explore the potential of materials such as wire, plastic, aluminium etc to make forms based on their previous paper forms and drawings. Each student had one to one advice and guidance from Lorraine as they explore the new techniques.

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Headdress photos

Fashion students took photos of their finished combined materials headdresses today, here is a selection of the results