What our students say

We have conducted a survey of our graduating students 2013 to gauge their opinions about the courses provided by the Coláiste Ide Art and Fashion Department. Here are some of the things they had to say:

Q. Would you recommend this course to a friend?

A. Yes definitely! It’s been the best art course I’ve ever done (and I’ve been at a few!). Exceptional teachers with a real passion for what they are doing. They go out of their way to help you. Lovely atmosphere, a great year!” (Barbara Healy)

A. I would recommend this course to a friend because it allowed me to study further and improve my skills. The staff… are extremely helpful and I couldn’t have done it without them. They each give a part to the course that helped me and I am very happy I got to study here.” (Eimear Noctor)

A. “Yes I would because I learned so many things. It was very helpful.” (Indre Mitkute)

A. “I would and I have, it was definitely worth the hard work involved!” (Allanna Hennessy)

Q. Were you happy with the variety of delivery methods used within your course?

A.”I was very happy with every aspect of the course and the work experience trip to Florence was really great. It was an experience of a life time.” (John Marshall)

A. “Yes, very happy. I thought every module was very well explained.”(Allanna Hennessy)

A.” I was very happy with the methods used during the course. Being able to do life drawing from a live model was all new to me and I was happy to get to do it as it helped me focus on form.” (Eimear Noctor)

A.” Yes, I was happy. The gallery visits, for me were amazing and very positive addition.” (Lauren Maher)

A. “Yes, especially the Botanic Gardens, positive addition.” (Olivia Robinson)



Q. What was your opinion on the career advice and services provided during the year on FETAC, CAO and UCAS?

A. “The career advice services provided were excellent. I couldn’t fault them in any way. They helped so much and now I know where I may be going next year. Thanks You.” (Eimear Noctor)

A. “Top class advice and delivered in a way that I could really respond to.” (John Marshall)

A.” Brilliant Ann was invaluable!” (Barbara Healy)



Q. What advice would you give to a student taking this course next year?

A. “Give it your best” (John Marshall)

A. Take photos of everything, come in every day. Stick to deadlines; try to incorporate your theme through your NCAD brief to make an overall coherent body of work. (Barbara Healy)

A. “Look after attendance and work hard” (Indre Mitkute)



Q. Any general comments regarding the course content, delivery or facilities etc.

A. “Thank you to (the teachers) for all your patience with me and your help” (Lauren Maher)

A. I’m only sorry that I didn’t take it up years ago. If this course is the way the educational system is going I am very happy it’s going in the right direction. (John Marshall)

A. Excellent room and equipment. (Amy Dillon)



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