Where are they now?

Students have been continuing from Art and Fashion courses in Coláiste Ide to a wide variety of courses accross Ireland and the UK for many years. We are always delighted to hear of the continued development and succeses of our students as they make their way through further study and into the world of work. Below we profile just some of our previous students:

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Student Name: Emma Manley
Fashion and Textiles Portfolio preparation: 2004-2005
What did you do after completing the Fashion and Textiles Course at Coláiste Ide:

I worked as a Style Advisor for Topshop full time for one year. I then went on to study at the Grafton Academy for two years, during the first year I remained part time at Topshop running the Topshop To Go Service.

During my second year of education I had a stall at The Loft market where I sold my own garments. Following graduation I moved to New York for a three month internship with VPL, a luxury sportswear label. From there I moved to London for an eight month placement with Alexander McQueen. Following which, I made the move to set up ‘Manley’.

Manley has now been up and running for two years!

How did the course at Coláiste Ide help you towards what you are doing now?
I always knew that fashion design was what I wanted for a career but I was slightly unsure whether I had the skills required and the determination needed to succeed in the fashion world. My year at Coláiste Ide let me know that I did have determination and it helped me build on the skills I needed. It gave me a base in many areas of fashion and textile design that made my next leg of education allot easier.

Any Advice to current students?
Be a sponge, absorb all that is going on around you. Learn from each other and support each other, it’s not a race nor is it a competition. If fashion is the way you want to go, explore all areas. Assist a stylist, do an internship with a design house, get a placement
in a fashion magazine. There so many areas within fashion that could be for you, so be sure to try a few out, you never know where your talents may lie.

Check out the following for more on Emma and her career:

Emma’s website: www.emmamanley.com

Emma’s interview with RTE: http://www.rte.ie/fashion/2010/0128/emmamanley.html

Feature on Emma in the Irish Independent: http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/independent-woman/fashion/focus-on-irish-fashion-emma-manley-2833029.html



Deirbhile Flannagan

Deirbhle in her studio at NCAD

Name: Deirbhile Flannagan

Course and Year Attended: Art and Design 2007

What did you do after Coláiste Ide: Deirbhile went to NCAD after completing her course at Coláiste Ide where she is coming to the end of her degree in Painting and Art History, We caught up with her in her studio where she is preparing for her degree show.
Leonard Traynor

Leonard Traynor in his DIT studio space

Leonard Traynor in his DIT studio space

Name: Leonard Traynor

Course and year attend: Art & Design Portfolio Prep 2010/2011

What did you do after Colaiste Ide: After the course in colaiste Ide I was accepted into first year fine art in D.I.T.

How do you like the course youare doing now? I love the course im doing now, Colaiste Ide really helped in preparing me for third level, and helped me decide between vis com and fine art.

How did the course at ColáisteIde help you towards what you are doing now? The course covers all area’s of Art.. painting,print,sculpture etc so it really helps you get a head start when entering first year, third level.

Any Advice to current students?  Enjoy the year and work hard.

Lamis Goumaa

Drawing by Lamis Goumaa

Name: Lamis Goumaa

Course and year attend: Fashion and textile 2010-2011

What did you do after Colaiste Ide: I’ve been working in Zara in Dundrum for the summer. I am still working there and hoping to stay, it’s a great experience! I’m in Griffith College at the moment doing fashion design 1st year

How do you like the course you are doing now? Fashion design in Griffith is amazing there are a lot of opportunities to look forward to.

How did the course at Coláiste Ide help you towards what you are doing now? Colaiste Ide helped me a lot in my drawing skills also Coláiste Ide has helped keep my mind open. I have gained lots of experience.

Any Advice to current students?
“Well all I have to say is work hard!”

Mark Dempsey

Mark Dempsey: garments from his degree show

Name: Mark Dempsey

Course and year attended: Fashion and Textiles 2006

What did you do after Coláiste Ide: Mark took a year out before commencing studies at LSAD in 2007 progressing into the Fashion programme the following year. Mark recently completed his degree showing his final collection in the LSAD graduate showcase.

To see more photos of Marks work follow this link: http://dempseyanthonymark.tumblr.com/
The LIT Fashion Graduates blog
Alex De Roeck

Alex in his studio space in NCAD

Name: Alex De Roeck
Course and Year Attended: Art and Design 2010
What did you do after Coláiste Ide: Alex is in his first year of study at NCAD where he is really enjoying the variety of subject core year has to offer. He took time to tell current students about his work at the recent open day.
Karen Murphy

Name: Karen Murphy

Course and year attended: 2009 Fashion and Textiles

What did you do after Coláiste Ide? Karen went to Coláiste Dhulaigh to complete a FETAC Level 6 course in Art and Design. Following this she progressed to the 2nd year of Fine Art in DIT where she if currently studying towards her degree.

Karen Murphy

David O’Malley

David O’Malley’s Fashion Illustration from Coláiste Ide

Name: David O’Malley

Course and year attended: Art and Design Portfolio 2009/20010

After his course at Coláiste Ide David O’Malley progressed to NCAD and is now in his second year studying Textiles. The photos are of a garment produced during a student group project with Peter Mark. The final garment was used for a photo shoot and was on show at the knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS.

Group Project Garment

Photo Shoot of group project

Group Project Garment


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